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BSA Troop 222 (The Fun Troop!)

Troop 222 is a Boy Scout troop dedicated to building character and leadership skills.

We promote an outdoor program which includes both regular camping and high adventure opportunities. Our Troop also believes in having as much FUN as possible while achieving our scouting goals.

Though we strive for every boy to become an Eagle Scout, the personality of our troop is definitely Easy Going. We have a mostly traditional program where camping, hiking, canoeing and the like are combined with skiing, white water rafting and our inter-troop football games.

We meet every Monday night 7:00 PM, at Advent Lutheran Church located at 1601 Green Lane in Westtown PA, and have weekend camp-outs and activities once a month. We are a medium size, Scout-Run troop which allows for plenty of Leadership opportunities. There are always Parent opportunities available within our troop, such as Committee membership, merit badge counselors, Activities and Advancement coordinators, Quartermaster and others.

Our members provide many hours of community service, are active in the Order of the Arrow and our home camp is Camp Horseshoe which is part of the Horseshoe Scout Reservation. Join us for camping, hiking, biking, skiing, canoeing and overall fun!

If you are interested in outdoor fun and would like to join our troop, come to one of our meetings or e-mail our Scoutmaster.

All WEBELOS and new scouts are welcome.

New Website Coming

As you can tell our website hasn’t been updated in some time. A new website is under construction and coming soon. If you have any questions about our Troop please reach out to Mr. Hambleton or Mr. Orth.

Great Scout Scholarships!

Here is a great compilation of the available Scout college scholarships pulled from Mr. Stalnaker’s website with the help of Kolbe. Click HERE for the PDF.

Mum Sales!

What – We are selling a 14-16 inch Mum (8” pot) in five colors, White, Yellow, Red, Orange and Purple. We have requested that Whalen & Sons Nursery provide an early blooming mum. We are expecting the cost per plant to be about $3.00 per plant. We are still recommending a sale price of $6.00 per plant but that is up to you. If you sell them at $6.00 your Scout will earn $3.00 per plant for his scout account! These are big, beautiful Mums and folks will order them two, four or six at a time! Local retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Giant and Acme sell plants of this quality and size for $6.00 – $10.00 each so it’s a great value as well! 

When – We plan for all the mums to be delivery on Saturday, Sept. 10th (NOTE: This is a change from years past where we had two different delivery dates) I need to submit our totals on the previous Wednesday morning so they have time to pull the plants and load them onto the truck. I will need your first order summaries (colors and numbers) e-mailed to me using the ‘Mum Sale email Order Form’ (more detail below on this) by Tuesday 12:00pm (noon) on September 6th. Please keep your ‘Individual Sale Order Forms’ so you have a record and can deliver your mums after pick-up on Saturday the 10th. On the delivery day of Saturday, September 10th we will need to have folks at the Church at 7:30 am to help unload the truck. Payment for your order will be due at pick-up, so please bring your collected money with you. We stage the plants in the back part of the Church parking lot and you must pick-up your orders by 12 noon that Saturday. NOTE: If we have Scouts that sell a large amount of mums (and we hope this is the case) and are concerned about moving that amount of mums with your vehicle, please contact me directly so we can discuss logistics.

How – Scouts that have participated in the past will tell you that the Mums sell themselves. Sales are strictly on a ‘take order; basis. Please use the attached order form and sales flier to solicit per order sales from your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Attached are two order forms:

The ‘Mum Sale Individual Order Form Receipt’ is a Word document that is meant to be printed out and used by Scouts to record each individual order and provide a cut/tear off receipt for the person ordering the mums. 

The ‘Mum Sale Email Order From 2016’ is to be used to consolidate all your orders together on one form and email to Adrian Karver no later than 12:00pm (noon) on September 6th, 2016. This form is in Excel format and has built in formulas for your convenience – only fill in the fields highlighted in yellow.

Why – As many of you know, Scouting can be expensive and we try to provide fund raising opportunities throughout the year. The monies your Scout earns in his scout account help pay quarterly dues, uniform and personal gear expenses, monthly trips and summer camp expenses and can help pay for High Adventure trips.   
Last year, the participating Scouts sold over 1400 mums and earned over $4,000 from this fund raiser alone for their scout accounts! Several Scouts were able to fund their entire Scout year including Summer Camp from their sales efforts. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me or talk with other Troop members that have participated before. 
Good luck and start selling Mums!
 Yours in Scouting,

Adrian Karver
Troop 222 Mum Sale Coordinator


Phone: 484-955-5805