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Rainy Hike

So what does Troop 222 do when it rains out a canoe trip to Mullica Rive campground? We go on a hike with some of our newer Scouts to Ridley Creek State Park!

It rained…

and rained…


and rained…


and then we ate…re-hydrated mac and cheese…was it good? Um maybe we didn’t prepare it correctly!?



New Handbook Patch

As you already know there are new advancement requirements taking effect. For those with an Scout Handbook with the old requirements, this patch will help you update your existing book with the new requirements.


Troop 222 Goes to West Point

What a great weekend with a great group of scouts at the United States Military Academy at West Point. It was even better visiting one of our scout’s brothers who is a senior at the Academy.


2015 Mum Sales Are HERE!!

If you are new to the Troop’s fund raising activities or you are an old hand at it, please read carefully, there are a few changes from past years. Participation is optional! With that said, this fund raiser offers a very high scout account earnings potential.

Why – As many of you know, Scouting can be expensive and we try to provide fund raising opportunities throughout the year. The monies your Scout earns in his scout account help pay quarterly dues, uniform and personal gear expenses, monthly trips and summer camp expenses and can help pay for High Adventure trips.

Last year, the participating Scouts earned over $6,000 from this fund raiser alone for their scout accounts!

What – This year we are selling a 14-16 inch Mum in five colors, White, Yellow, Red, Orange and Purple. We have requested that Mayhew Nursery provide an early blooming mum. 

We are expecting the cost per plant to be about $3.35 per plant. We are still recommending a sale price of $6 per plant but that is up to you. If you sell them at $6.00 your Scout will earn $2.65 per plant for his scout account! These are big, beautiful Mums and folks will order them two, four or six at a time! Local retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Giant and Acme sell plants of this quality and size for $6 – $10 each so it’s a great value as well!

How – Scouts that have participated in the past will tell you that the Mums sell themselves. The sales efforts are by the Scout and their families only, there will not be any Troop speculation sales on street corners, etc… we have been there and done that with very limited success. Please use the attached order form and sales flier to solicit per order sales from your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

When – We will make two orders to Mayhew for delivery on Saturday, Sept. 12th and Saturday, Sept. 19th. I will submit our totals on the previous Wednesday morning so they have time to pull the plants and load them onto the truck. I will need your first order summaries (colors and numbers) e-mailed to me by Tuesday evening, September 8th. Please keep your order forms so you can remember which customer gets what when you pick-up your plants on Saturday the 12th. The second order the following week is to accommodate late orders and also additional orders. Once folks see the size and quality of the plants, they will ask you for more. The final order will be called in Wedjnesday morning, Sept. 16th at which time no further orders will be accepted.

On the delivery days of Saturday, September 12th and 19th, we will need to have folks at the Church early, 7:30 am to help unload the truck. Payment for your order will be due at pick-up, so please bring your collected money with you. We stage the plants in the back part of the Church parking lot and you must pick-up your orders by 12 noon that Saturday, please.

Last year we sold over 2000 plants! Several Scouts were able to fund their entire Scout year including Summer Camp from their sales efforts. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me or talk with other Troop members that have participated before.

Good luck and lets start selling Mums!

Chuck Howat
Troop 222 Committee Chair