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Hawk Mountain Trip

We had a great trip to Hawk Mountain in October and saw some amazing views like these!

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Annual Troop 222 Scout Cook-off

On Monday we gathered for the annual Scout Cook-off. Although we finished too late to announce the winner, here are a few pictures from the event!

SNGX6842 SNGX6850SNGX6853 SNGX6848

Arasapha Haunted Hayride Clean Up

It’s almost October, and Halloween, and another opportunity to help yourself, the Troop and some good friends of Troop 222, and the Bates Family. The “Bates Motel” and “Haunted Hayride” at Arasapha Farm is enjoyed by thousands of people who leave behind a lot of trash when they go home, which is Troop 222’s cleanup opportunity.

Here’s how it works. We clean up the following day after every haunted hayride night. Make sure that you sign in the log book when you arrive and when you leave. The log book will be kept in the snack bar hut. For every hour you or a family member (that is old enough to work) works, the Bates donates to the Troop an hourly dollar rate amount. The committee will decide at a later date what portion will go to the scout accounts and what portion will go into the general troop fund.

This is our biggest fund raiser of the year don’t miss it !!! If you need more info email or ask questions, we are here to help get you started. Contact Mr. Falcone at Download the information sheet here, Troop 222 Arasapha Haunted Hayride